Nigeria kidnapping

To find out that several school girls from Nigeria have been kidnapped has made me realise how fortunate I am to still be here. I think of how I’d feel as an innocent school girl, just like the girls from Nigeria, being take out of school and furthermore, being taken away from my family and friends. Taken to a place so unfamiliar with several others for me, is daunting. I try and picture how the girls feel but what I feel doesn’t come close to how the girls are probably feeling. Not to mention how there friends and family are feeling. This is probably causing so much stress and corruption for these girls and there family. It just isn’t fair. Taking so many lives for granted and basically taking them away from what they know is cruel. CRUEL. I strongly believe that this crime isn’t an accident nor can the person(s) hide behind there religion. It’s plain and simple. The person(s) responsible should go to jail. FOREVER.



“Jump, jump, jump!” I shout angrily at my bother “we’ve got to hurry” I knew in my head that billy and I being in the same team for hide and go seek tiggy in the paddock was a bad idea but he really wanted to be with me, he even pulled the puppy face, I mean how could I have said no to that? Besides, he was easy to hide away because of his incredibly tiny figure, so there was a slight perk. Billy finally got over the over sized wood fence, we now only have 30 seconds to find a place to hide the two of us.

My head was staying no, but my heart was saying, “why not?”. I wanted to do it, I really did. “But”, there was always a ‘but’ or a ‘what if’ pressuring me into saying no. Katie Zander’s, one of my best mates had been having a lot of ‘get togethers’ at her house, 3 houses down from me. She’d say they were just sleep overs of get togethers but I knew there was alcohol involved. Why else would she be coming to school the following day tired and a tragic mess? I mean, it’s not rocket science. She’d been begging me for weeks to join her and a couple of older guys but I just couldn’t find it in me to say yes….

It should be compulsory to exercise at least 30 minutes a day

Why? Because exercise is apart of our every day lives and it’s what keeps us going. Walking? That’s exercise. You may not notice that your doing it at times but little things like walking to school or walking from class to class is exercise. For people who don’t exercise, they could become really fat or unhealthy. The only way they can burn it off is through doing exercise at least once a day. I think that without exercise, a lot of people would be unhealthy or fat. Which is why I think it is important that exercising once a day should be compulsory.

The crush

“Do you love me?” I mumbled under my breathe as he walked past me and my totally nerdy but normal bunch of friends right outside the girls bathrooms. He glanced at me, I knew he didn’t hear me and even if he did I don’t think it would mean anything to him. I mean, he has girls falling left right and centre over him, I’d just be another one of them. I’d prefer to be I don’t know? His girlfriend but that’s impossible, he dates the most prettiest girl in school ‘Katie Harris’, number one cheerleader, school pram queen? I’m just a straight a maths geek? He’d never go for me right…

The proposal

“I really wanted to say I ‘I do,” I told my sister as we both nursed very large cups of dark coffee. ‘But I just couldn’t.” So many things were going through my head that day, I was in shock and my instant thought was ‘what if he was only preposing to me because he knew mark was back in town, I mean he knows we have history but I just wanted to wait until he was ready to asking without the pressure of mark being around. Mark was my high school sweet heart, one day I caught him with my ‘best mate’ under the bleaches making out. From that daunting day onward, I’ve never really taken an interest in him. He’s close with my big brother Dan which does make it awkward but were adults now, we’ve learnt how to be civilised. Shaun and I have been dating for a while now, a few on and offs but we get through them. He hasn’t met mark yet so I think it’s started to hit him, he hasn’t been himself lately.